Everyone has the right to feel amazing, happy and full of energy. You deserve it, your family deserves it and we can make a difference in the well being of our world by being healthy. I hope I can be a source of inspiration for you to live your best life!
If not now… when?

 Essence of Life Wellness care


Hi, I’m Maureen. I’m a joy catalyst. Let’s create a healthy, vibrant life for you and your family. I empower people like you to live better, healthier lives. I want you to have a joyous, fulfilled life. When you take your last breath I want you to say “What a ride my life has been!” I love being a catalyst for people; to help them feel fantastic, do good in this world, and love more openly. I want my peeps to dance more, laugh more, and live lives filled with energy, clarity, and joy…

I’m Dr. Maureen Joy Borghoff. My friends and family refer to me as MoMo. I fundamentally believe that you and your family can live the life of your dreams. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, stuck, in pain, or “not like yourself” anymore. You can increase your energy, age gracefully, and ditch your fear of missing out on the life you’ve always wanted.

Yeah, I have a “Dr.” in front of my name, but I too have struggled with anxiety and depression, fatigue, and not feeling my best. I’ve had health scares. I’ve seen my mother survive breast cancer, a great friend die at 36 from breast cancer, and I have seen more than 10,000 people come through my office with every different type of ailment – physically and mentally (almost anything you could imagine).

I’m an unconventional chiropractor and here’s why…

  • I work with the brain and nervous system to heal a variety of physical and emotional issues.
  • I use light touches. I don’t snap; I don’t crackle; I don’t pop. I work with people who want to live more active lives and become more of who they truly are.
  • I educate and empower my clients so that they can use the wisdom of their bodies to heal themselves.
  • I find the root cause of your symptoms and integrate the right treatment for you.

To me, having that “Dr.” in my title means that I am obligated to teach others what I know and also learn the best techniques to make a real difference to you and your family.


      • Bachelor of Science
      • Doctor of Chiropractic
      • Level 3 Network Spinal Analysis
      • Certified Chiropractic Lifestyle and Wellness
      • Practitioner Koren Specific Technique
      • Bioenergetic Assessment Certification
      • Childhood Developmental Delays - Functional Neurology Certification
      • Many Different Nutritional Courses
      • Neurological Based Chiropractic Certification • Thermography Training


      Monday   1:45pm — 5:15pm
      Tuesday   7:30am — 11am
      &  2pm — 6:15pm
      Wednesday   2pm — 6:15pm
      Thursday   7:30am — 11am
      Friday   Closed

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