Skin is our everyday outfit. An extension of expression and a representation of who and what we are. What is your skin saying about you? Put your best face forward with confidence and radiance.


Kylie McIntee is deeply rooted in honesty, integrity, and love, and has an energy that fills the room.  With a very direct approach, she keeps things light and ensures there is lots of laughter in her day. Her sharing and compassionate side, help her with servicing people for the most beneficial outcome.  Kylie believes deeply in maintaining a healthy life style, through proper eating habits, various practitioner support, exercise, and creating true connections with people.

Prior to establishing Naked Truth, for eight years Kylie owned a successful Burlington spa. In 2011, Kylie decided that her young family should be her sole focus, thus she sold the spa. Now ready to return to the profession she so loves, Kylie is thrilled to offer Eminence Organic Products to Bloor West Village and The Kingsway areas, through a partnership with Essence of Life. With a passion for premium skincare and exceptional client experiences, Kylie brings warmth and personal integrity to every service she provides. Clients will benefit from Kylie’s humour, energy and candour, as she strives to tailor each experience to the individual. Ultimately, Kylie’s goal is to share her joyful presence with each of her clients, providing services that better their day.