Skin is our everyday outfit. An extension of expression and a representation of who and what we are. What is your skin saying about you? Put your best face forward with confidence and radiance.


Kylie McIntee is deeply rooted in health and wellness. Her integrity and love for people translates to positive energy that fills the room. She keeps things light and ensures there is lots of laughter in her day.

Why Kylie is passionate
about holistic products

Kylie's life has had some unexpected challenges when in 2013, Kylie was diagnosed with *Behcet's Disease.  She was determined to find a cure or a way to alleviate her debilitating symptoms. She enlisted help from doctors at Mount Sinai in Toronto. She spent many frustrating hours with multiple specialists, running tests, waiting for appointments, and many prescriptions later, the doctors could not help Kylie find the relief from pain or answers she desperately needed. It was at this point that Kylie felt an awakening to what could be contributing to her autoimmune disease. She took a step back to evaluate her lifestyle and see where improvements could be made. It was during this quest for a healthier lifestyle that brought her to be more focused on what it truly takes to have a healthy body. Her first steps were to remove chemical laden products from her life. From this initial step she felt an astonishing difference. Through her own research, experience and education, Kylie is invested in providing products and an ambiance that are nurturing, safe, calm and loving. Kylie's mission is to empower her clients and provide them with nurturing options that are available to them.

Kylie’s Mission

Kylie believes deeply in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, through proper eating habits, various practitioner support, exercise, and creating true connections with people. Prior to establishing Naked Truth Radiant Skincare, Kylie owned a successful Burlington spa for eight years. In 2011, Kylie decided that her young family should be her sole focus and she sold the spa. She is was ready in 2016 to return to the profession she loves. Kylie is thrilled to offer Eminence Organic Products and many other natural holistic products to Bloor West Village and The Kingsway areas, through a partnership with Essence of Life.

With a passion for premium skincare and exceptional client experiences, Kylie brings warmth and personal service to all her clients. Clients will benefit from Kylie’s humour, energy and candour, as she strives to tailor each experience to the individual. Ultimately, Kylie’s goal is to share her joyful presence with each of her clients, providing an experience that goes well beyond skincare.

*Behcet's (beh-CHETS) disease, also called Behcet's syndrome, is a rare disorder that causes blood vessel inflammation throughout your body.